Beyond the surface


I am a slave to their words,

a mutt in their eyes,

for bastards like me were not meant to survive,

I have the face,

the nose, eyes, and lips of a Salabie,

a rich man’s name,

But my mother claimed no ring,

so I am shunned,

and the blame is on me,

Behind the wall is a thin curtain,

fragile and ripped,

unattached and draped over a dark brown body with the clothing stripped,

naked by deceit, isolation, and lies,

the body is cold,

there is no warmth anywhere,

my tears are copper,

my ears are strong,

so no sound –happy or sad – can escape from me,

I am broken,

I am torn,

and my emotions and feelings are as useless as pennies stuck between the seats in a car,

and I know this,

never will I be accepted,

never will I be,

That is what is beyond the surface,

my cool exterior fools many,

I sure hope you’re happy,

happy that I am exposed,

on the inside I am a crushed rose,

all my pain is hidden within the depths of my eyes,

but on the outside I am nothing but just a smile. 


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