Beyond Healing

To all who's lost a part

of their whole

to some gruesome beast

who appeared whole.


I say I understand

you never really forget

you find it hard to stand

you wish he'd rot in hell.


No one really hears you

Not your words, but your tears

You're filled with fear too

Like you're surrounded by bears.


To all who's lost a part

and never got justice

trying to forget the past

I know it is not easy.


Watching society praise the devil

and the predator plays the prey

Your young beheld evil

It stuck with you till this day.


To all who's lost a part

and was told to move on,

I know how much it hurts

Inside you feel so torn.


Keep the struggle on

I wish I could say

it won't be for long

Rather I'd say

take it a day per time.

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Our world
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