Beyond the Cadence


  Left Right, Left Right

That's all I hear

 The constant drone

Of boots marching

Endlessly in the

Cold dark night

My minds starts to slip

I try to think of family, friends

Their warm smiles

Their making us sing now

Hey Hey Uncle Sam take me down to the railroad track

Put a bomb in my hand I wanna be a bombing man

The best I can, The best I can

For Uncle Sam, For Uncle Sam

God the images

I can't get them out of my head

Recite the genral orders

Their screaming now

I spout number 3

Like a robot programed

Even though its perfect

Their still screaming its wrong

We stand still now

In perfect formation

I feels shards of glass cutting through my feet

I'm trying to keep a smile

It's all thats holding me together

They notice and scream, yelling to stop smiling

They have us jump like bunnies now

Mocking us

I can feel my anger rise

We are buffons

Puppets in their circus

After they had their fix, they have us continue to march

They stop again

This time to play a game that's a no-win

Of running acrooss the black cement in

10 seconds

It seems so pointless

But they love to see us fail

We try, we lose, they yell, we're punished

It's a whole cycle

Tears well up all  around me

They laugh at the tears, calling us weak

I feel tears at my eyes

But instead I smile

I refuse to let them break me

They see my smile

They yell

 But I don't care

I refuse to let them see me broken

After a while they get board and

We continue

My thoughts all drown out

I countinue to march

Left Right, Left Right


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