Beyond the Bullets


He grits his teeth despite the rough sand

The blood spattered on a dented helmet

Because He not only fights for his country,

For his freedom, but he fights for


He fights for her smile, the warmth of her love,

The light in Her heart that belongs to him and him alone

He fights for her laugh,

The caring look in her eyes and the way she says “I love you”

Because without that smile,

That warmth,

That light,

That laugh,

That look and That way,

He wouldn’t know what was keeping him on his feet

She keeps a hand on his shoulder,

She shows compassion to him when facing the enemy

And reminds him of her love

Her wings shield him from the constant fly of bullets,

Her arm around him,

Supporting him as he carries men across

The rugged terrain to their safety,

She’s his angel and her love will constantly protect him

Beyond the bullets


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