Beyond The Blue

I step into silver slipstreams
of SEMI conductor dreams

broad halo days of golden innocence

buried in the hatchet holes of

this aging tree bark frame

my thoughts are limbs

that lead to falling leaves

returning to black soil

until the green of Spring

rejuvenates my slinky

mind to MORE

...i bounced off her, she bounced off me

We travel to far places

while sitting here together

quite alone

Her on my Natuzzi sofa

eating leftover pepperoni pizza

The red of dead, the white of light

distracts my mind towards something finer

a soft moan rises over the New York Times

which blinds me from her view

and binds me between the lines

a thought of something MORE

a silent scream that's born of thunder

the need to dance naked in the rain

When the greens fade to blues

the sea delivers me to soft shores

I sail away on waves of plenty

the beat of my day reminds me

of her pulse, once in time with mine

now slowed close to dead, the pit-pat

pity of dying love, once so grand

before being taken advantage of

my primal instincts fear the slide to loss

yet, my fear of nothing more....than this

is greater than my will

to convince her that love too requires work

I will whisk her to the winds

and sing to her sad songs

we'll do what old lovers do

as the sand-washed frames

of our deluge leads us into

something more, something finer,

something greener, new, and true

in the wake of love's demise


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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