Between Today and After


United States
30° 37' 5.6712" N, 88° 8' 20.0364" W

"Maybe today will be different," I think
"Maybe things will change," I hope
"Maybe something good will happen," I pray
"Maybe today is the day it will all turn around."
Convincing is hard to do
When you can't even believe in yourself.
If there was a way out, I'd run to it.
Fly to it. Swim to it.
But I can't seem to find one
All I need is a friend
I don't even know if there is such a thing
Not a shallow shadow
A friend.
Life can be subtle with how it moves
Or it can be a monster
Giving and giving, but never receiving
Running on fumes and not knowing where to go.
"Maybe tomorrow will be different."


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