Better Teachers In Need


Indianapolis, IN
United States

LN Wildcats don’t need your advice

Throwing up hands and rolling the dice

If our whack teachers had enough spice

Then they wouldn’t be paying the price


Math’s a subject unknown to me

Old fart, substitute, Mister Poot

The class on desks of drool, you see

Boring a** face kicked with a boot


Least favored classes I blew

When teachers told me not to

Principle Lousy, adieu!

Running in hallways past you!


Pinhead is a sinner

You’re never a winner

She kills you for dinner

Window, books thrown, did her!


A band nerd I am

Picked on, I wasn’t

Fights, bullies - grand slam

Stand up! Who doesn’t?


Dunhell, that b*tch

Failed me, I switched

Always a witch

Retarded glitch


Bad teachers

Dumb creatures

Need preachers

And features


Teach us

Don’t cuss

And thus

Love us








Being able to express the stressors I had in high school and middle school. It is hard enough to be bullied because of who you are, of how different people just figure out you are, or for being a dedicated"band geek." I had to punch these kids in the face to get them to leave me alone (not the first method of reasoning, of course, and not for everyone, folks!) but to turn around and have the teachers in your classes make your life even more miserable? You can only be so easy going or tolerant and put up with enough before you get fed up and demand change, but usually a bad idea with teachers (DETENTION! SUSPENSION! EXPULSION!).

That was my favorite part as it was like a way to tell my own story I have not thought about telling many people before now of what my high school life was sometimes like.


Take care, everyone!



P.S. If you're reading this you'll get through the hardships of it cause I did it too!

You can do it!

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