Better Days

Growing from a young little girl seems harder to face the world. Waking up every morning questioning myself, " Does this world really love me or was it created to be above me ?" Lonely nights where my heart aches all because of the childish mistakes. It seems like everyone saw it coming except for the one driving. Confusion fills my soul, leaving me on cruise control. Lost with no way out so I just let the world figure me out.He lures me in, welcoming me to his world of sin. Leaving all my morals and standards behind me, I desperatly became the women that I was never ment to be. Begging for his  humanly mercies upon me constantly , described this new selfless being . His love felt so warm and right but it slowly just became a painful sight. A victim of verbal abuse was what this teenager had to subdue. Four long years of being potentially in love got me no where except for hurt and unloved. Coming to my senses slowly but surely I escaped his harmful ways and began to pray and pray. Asking the Lord to guide my way as I desert this harmful and shallow place. Leading me to  the path of getting good grades and strengthning my faith, I am still here today. With the GPA's of 4.4 and 3.8 Im hoping that He can pave my way to better days. Thank you.

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