Did it hurt you when you turned and sunk your knife into my skin?

Burning,tearing, watching my thick blood run down the soft subtleties of my skin
The skin you once loved, you still do.

When you love someone and you see them in pain it's supposed to make you feel pained.

So did you not love me?

The roughness of your words do not. Your icy spell, the hell-full trap I fell into. But your eyes, your tears scream with pain as I stare into them.

Beautiful as always. Because I will always love you and you will always love me.

So what made you turn from my guardian angel to my worst demon?

What led you to break me? My soul, my trust. I gave you everything. Heart's, happiness , sadness, all. I told you everything I trusted you.

But breaking my trust wasn't enough. No. You had to turn around and rip me to shreds. You had to bury the hatchet and twist it ever slightly so. Salt was already in my wound but did you have to kick it?

The tears in your eyes dislike the sight before them. And they reach out once again. You couldn't leave me lying there. You couldn't have left me bloody and hurt on the ground for someone else to save?

And I saw the impossible, I saw you fall apart. It hurt, it hurt too much to bear. Your love , happiness,trust all falls to the ground with me. Bruised from battle.
Kerosine, a flame

Dead. All of me and who I thought was you.

That's the worst about betrayal, you can't murder someone without murdering yourself


This poem is about: 
My family


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