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best friends turn into worst enemies
people who you thought were cool
ends up being a fool
smile in your face
throw dirt behind your back
often people wear masks
it all catches up-difficulties trying to stay on tasks
being someone that you are not
sad when
people forever violating that trust
building friedships is a must
people say there are yuor friend
actions of all will tell it all
why you think they put up a wall
they know once those walls tumble
times up
people say they support you
when they see you become a star
jealousy wreaks one's envy
that crawls up like a snake
on the prowl
on the attack
ready to strike
when you least expected
when you lie
truth will come out
what's done in the dark
will come to light
nowadays, no one have time to talk. now it's about throwing hands ready to fight
don't tell someone you love them
when all you do is cheat
like the 18 game winning streak in miami, you will be feeling the heat

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