The best friends

Some people say:

"What makes a good friend?"

"Is it a good personality, teamwork, smart and stuff?"

That's broad, because I think there is way more than what they say.


A good friend, or relationship towards one at that matter

Matters on sympathy alone

Can you understand their pain in this world?

As someone who's friend has a dysfunctional family, yes


Does that person look threatening?

They proboally have something dark hidden

Something of childhood troubles

They need to talk to someone.


For every friendship and date broken,

Im there to talk

For every moment they feel depressed 

Im there to listen

For every other circumstance 

Im there for everyone 


My friends looks up to me the same way I look up at them

And for someone who has never had a troubling childhood, that means a lot to me.

So the next time you see someone troubled, give 'me a hand.

Cause you'll never know how much of an impact you'll create.





This poem is about: 
My community


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