Best Friend

Wed, 04/07/2021 - 18:51 -- Becky16

Every time I can't see ahead
And I'm about to collapse
You always give me courage
With that smile of yours
When I feel sad and alone,
You make me smile
If it's not for you then
There wouldn't be me now

Good times,
Bad times
We are always together
Even if we are apart,
We can help each other
We are not alone
You are my best friend
I want to support you like this always
I wanna be there for you
You're always by my side
Whenever I want to cry
The memories of the days we spent together
Have been engraved in my heart
More than anything
There is nothing we doubt about each other
We can overcome anything with our bond
That is stronger than anything
Cause you're my best friend


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