Beneath The Impression

Concealed behind every layer of skin is a story.

A unique, inspirational lesson learned

waiting to unveil itself,

just waiting for the layers to be peeled back.


Every heart beats the same.

It doesn’t matter wither cruel nor just

but that mother nature made us to be alluring.

Beautiful in her eyes like a glimmering tear of laughter.


A society free from negative influences

allows beauty to illuminate through the heart

exposing the simplicity and elegance of the human soul

each in its own brilliant individual way.


Being divergent in the human race,

everyone reflects authentic features

and characteristics that exemplify complexion

however flawless and immaculate all the same.


Love and warmth seeping from the pores

happiness and pleasure radiating off the skin

smiles of elation and laughter pervading the atmosphere

conceiving an inimitable, matchless me.


A story waiting to be unlocked

and unfettered from discrimination. 

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