Ben Carson is an Idiot #2

Sat, 04/15/2017 - 21:43 -- skybird

"They too had a dream that 
one day their sons, daughters, 
grandsons, granddaughters ... 
might pursue prosperity & 
happiness in this land."


Well perhaps not Ben ...
perhaps while 10% of their
chained compatriots died around 
them in the dark, shit-filled hull
of this heaving slave-ship they 
may well have dreamt of home, 
of family, of safety, warmth, of
the basic human right to dignity
& freedom & an ability to simply
walk through life going upon
one's business without the threat 
of armed traders carting you off 
to other lands ... 
perhaps they dreamt of that,


& perhaps upon arrival & unloading
& a brutal harsh sunlight & a reckoning
of those you knew who'd died & been
thrown to the sharks & an examining 
of teeth & body as a horse at trade
while upon a block as folks whiter
than you shouted out in strange 
tongues & your wife & child were
elsewhere & your whole life was at 
that moment in cruel & tragic collapse,
you might have thought of other things
rather than ... 


Oh lord, yes, yes, one day I'm going
to be able to make a buck in this Land
of the Free and Home of the Brave ...




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