"Believe In MYself"


United States
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Growing up at a young age,
I never really had the time.
To sit down and look up,
This medical condition of mine.
But when I did,
I found things that weren't real.
Like how people say this and that,
When they don't know how we feel.
They all yelled and fussed,
Telling me I couldn't do it.
When in my mind I said, "Yes I Can,"
And one day I'll prove it.
Though I never really got the chances,
To do the things my friends did.
Because they were much taller and bigger,
To be like them I sometimes wished it.
But I gave myself the courage,
To do the things I knew I could.
Even when nobody believed,
A little person like me would.
Though I'm smaller than you,
I still believe in myself.
Because when once everyone is gone,
I'll only have my own help.
Taking care of me,
And my family too.
Doing everything it takes,
To keep my pace at a constant move.
Because when I stop,
I hold up the traffic.
Then everyone to my left,
Starts to move pass me.
I WILL live my life,
Without depending on anyone else.
Because I feel I do better,
When I Believe In My Self.


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