She believes.

She believes in an unspoken rule. She trusts it, loves it.

She lives by it.

She is shamed when she tries to think for herself, even if it is to believe. 

She is rewarded when she submits, when she does not think, when she believes. Even now the congratulations still echo in her mind.

She believes the lies, both small lies and big lies. Anything that bursts from his lips is the truth and she trusts completely.


He belittles her when she does not listen to his lies.

He hurts her when she does not wish to submit to him.

He follows her when she does not wish to see him.

His presence is white-hot, a light that hurts the eyes and blinds her to everything else but him.


But then there is another light, one that is brighter but not as harsh. It does not blind and it does not maim. It is a comforting light, one that rescues her from perdition.

The new light is loving. He is kind and understanding. She is no longer quick to trust.

She pushes the new light away, begging for the dark. She wants nothing more than the dark, no more light can blind her in the dark.

She is in solitude, but she is happy.

She can finally trust herself. She can finally think and have her own beliefs.


The solitude begins to sink in. The loneliness painful, chilling her to the bone, chilling her to her soul. She deserves it she thinks.

She disobeyed.

She stopped believing him, the harsh bright light that would not let her go. The darkness is a punishment she thinks.

But she should not think. She should just believe. 

She should believe in that unspoken rule; she should trust it; she should love it.

She should live by it. 

But she can't. No longer can she believe. No longer can she trust. She is scared and helpless. She is stunted and dying. She doesn't want to believe anymore.

She can't.


The bright light begins to pierce through the darkness. He has returned. She does not know if she should be frightened or ecstatic. 

But this light is different. He is softer. He is comforting. He is loving.

This light helps her stand, gives her space, and he lets her grow. This light rewards her for thinking. He rewards her for everything she used to be punished for.

She begins to stand up and think without shame.

She begins to believe.



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