being different


United States
40° 51' 43.8444" N, 73° 53' 9.636" W

i love being the best
i stand out from the rest
yet people find that intimidating
they run like crazy animals with two heads aimlessly that is permeating

i speak for myself
i think for myself
people look at me sideways because i stand out
never do i complain and pout

i love and embrace the meaning of originality
yet people feel it's not ok to see beyond one's nationality
that's what you call ignorant mentality
its more shameful than an innocent man being beaten by police brutality

being different is cool
don't listen to someone that speads lies than tv ads, they are the fool
utilize all the strengths, that is the biggest tool
it will carry you a long way like a 200m freestyle event in the pool

be proud of who you are
never let anyone change you. you are a bright and shining star
all they represent is dirt more filthier than tar
let your dreams come true out of a jar

never change
be you
life is not about fitting in
life is about standing out
always know that you are the best
stand out from the rest

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