Being Darkskin

Sun, 03/09/2014 - 09:31 -- danny_

Being Darkskin In This World Today

Is Harder Than Any Other Pain That Comes Your Way

You Would Think After Segregation Was Over

The Color Of Your Skin Wouldn't Matter


Everyday Black People Put Down Their Own For Being To Dark

"Ur Black As The Sky, Ur Darker Than My Boots

You Look Like Kunte Kinte U Know Off Of Roots

I Know Words Shouldn't Matter But They Hurt Oh So Bad

For Someone Not To Like You

Cuz To Them Your Too Black

The Remarks I Hear On The Daily Basis

Drove Me To Think That My Own Race Was Racist

I Look At Myself And In The Mirror I Cry

Asking Why I Couldn't Be Lighter Why Oh Why?

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