Behind These White Walls


Behind these white walls are secrets.

Drifting souls wonder alone oblivious to each other.

 Days so bleak they blend unclearly with one another.

Nothing is as it seems here.

A pair of lovers who can’t wait to be apart.

A happy spirit with a truly broken heart.

While everyday people scream for help.

Others turn a deaf ear, and those who do hear, never tell.

No kind hearts are left to reach out.

Trapped and beaten into loneliness and despair.

They have long since given up hope of a hero somewhere.

So we pass by each other, looking, but never seeing.

Still blank page faces and painted smiles I have trouble believing.

Hushed whispers thrown like daggers pierce us all.

Still most ignore the bleeding and pretend we still stand tall.

Shadows lurk and laugh as we run amongst the crowd.

Never before have I heard silence so loud.

We march in ordered lines of tradition and opinion.

Every solider armed with indifference and hate.

You’ll see the war fought each day if you stop and wait.

We claim to be different, we claim to stand out.

But we are all the same.

Broken, Bleeding, Walking Alone.

Too afraid of breaking conformity to brave the unknown.

We are all slaves to our fears, others approval, to life’s given rules.

Living for others is something we all learned in school.

We avoid each other’s eyes so not to see reflections of ourselves.

Due to that we have all created our own special kind of hell.

Every action is meaningless, every reaction forced.

We all weigh the options of what others lives are worth.

So while we walk different paths,

The outcome is the same.

Everyone here is long past insane.

It has been said there are monsters in us all.

Maybe that is why, we are all, and will forever be,

Trapped behind these endless white walls.


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