Behind Her Tears

Behind her tears there is anger. Behind a brave face there are lies. Behind her smile there is sorrow. Behind her lip gloss there is fear. Never seems to be accepted. She smokes and drinks. Thinking all her worried will go away they never do. She feels as if 'loster has been tattooed all over her. She knows they all talk about her. She feels there eyes piercing vicious holes through her body. A scar she never can get rid of. It breaks her soul to know what lies ahead. Sometimes she wishes she would just drop dead. She wonders to herself what will they gain. To see her go through all the pain. Alone, scared afraid. Look what we have made. A sad heart with only one thing. To have a happy face. Cutting herself each night. She is not ready to fight. She wishes could all go away. She dreads fight another day. Always wondering about her weight. She never seems touch her plate. Am I to fat? My breasts are too small. Why can't I be just the right tall? All she wants is to be loved. Is that too much to ask for? She gets taunted and beaten by jet stepfather. She gets taunted and beaten by her classmates. And outcast to society. Finally she wants to give up. Finally she is tried of all the abuse. Finally she has had enough. Finally she has given up. She walks the creaky staircase. Tears flooding her eyes. She goes to her mother's cabinet. She pulls out her mother's sleeping drugs. A flash of thoughts rush to her head. She remembers the days of mum's sweet singing. She remembers how she use be love. She remembers life before dad died. She remembers life before mum lied. She swallows the drugs that's it she can never come back. Another life abused Another life wasted Another torn heart Another life pasted.

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My community
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Our world
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