Behind the Curtain: Popularity

There are people I will see, That won't like me

there are peopple that I will see, That are gone down me


Because I laugh a lot, Because guys think I'm hot

They will envy me, Because I'm the person they want to be


I'm not what you think, though, I'm your average Joe

But because you have been blind, by all the media can spread wide


When you look deeper, I'm the weaper

yes, the girl that cries, because she has no one to dry her eyes


No mother that held her, That's who they think we were

Just so called friends , the hate upon their hands


Maybe this year they will see, the true, true me

They won't see a perfect thing, like a bell I rang

rising to the top

                                Only to come to a perfect


and then the world will find


when they look at


                                I'm not who they thought I would be

I am beautiful

I am Strong

I can change the world

and so can you

It's true

SO my ultimate goal, is for everyone to know

I believe in you, and everyone too

And I hope you 

will be 

the you I want 




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