Behind the Curtain


If everything is dipped in gold it most certainly will never grow, everything sweet not sugar coated. When the pain is deep its highly-noticed. Often times it's hard to focus. Covering up my flaws so that no one notices, when it's clear that it can't go unnoticed. I need a remedy to redirect my focus. I hide so that no one will notice.

Man in the mirror, who are you? You are so uneasy on the eye, you make me feel unpretty to the point where its hard to cover up with make up. The problem doesn't go away it's just temporary until I face it again. What if I'm tired of facing you? What if I'm fed up with what I see when I look in the mirror?

Man in the mirror you make it so hard for me to be me. Who was I designed to be? I hope not ugly. Would it hurt to make me pretty and easy on the eye or will I continue to be hard to look at. When will people see me and not my flaws? Inside there is a sweet and peaceful spirit. I want a more beautiful spirit, with a heavy glow, so I will know, there is much more in store. I don't want to hide behind curtains anymore

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