Behind the Curtain


Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain

Unconfident and lonely she's nothing but a burden

Instead look at me in my Instagram feed

Selfies, vacations, and the funniest memes


Pay no attention to the girl locked in a cage

Knowledge only freed when written on a page

Instead look at my twitter I have so many fans

I need another retweet my fame is fleeting fast


Pay no attention to my current GPA

I've been working hard I know I'll get more A's

Pay no attention to the fact I've never kissed

Getting heartbroken is all I've ever missed


Pay no attention to my great and powerful ruse

Behind the curtain you'll find I can suprise you

I may not be Tyra, Rhi Rhi, or Queen Bey

But pull back the curtain get to know the real Me




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