Behind the Curtain


I'm the girl who holds this smile,
Which is not near the truth, 
So remember, when you look at me with a smile, 
And I smile back…
Know there is something more, 
More to that smile,
I am that girl.
I seem to be all smiles,
But even I break down sometimes.
I seem to be all put together,
But really I'm just a puzzle with a missing piece.
I seem to be all myself,
But really I've hidden "myself" with such stealth...
I seem to be an open book,
But I'm not just what I look.
I seem to have a personality with such pizazz
But really, I'm just a girl... who’s gotten good at makin' masks.
Beyond the city's limits,
Above society's grasp,
Past stereotypical boundaries...they've ridden themselves of masks,
Despite the consequences impending...people are appealing,
To break the impervious,
Through the ominous...the regulating glass ceiling.
Revealing for certain
The person trapped behind the curtain


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