Behind Closed Curtains

She, a fearsome guardian

Glorified their crusader is tenacious

Tyrannical like an entangled chandelier

Content yet she tolerates no revile

Rigorous and unyielding, her embraces are firm

Fastened tender strokes of affection

Ameliorate my every enragements

Eyes that gaze serenely

Sets off stream that liquefies all evil intentions

Lady perceived as little and lovely

Laborious, do not perceive as lucky.

Lovely iron maiden

Heart made of titanium, born to fight.

Who made my most adored nights

Need not nurture nor comfort my frights

Filled with a world of happiness her harmony foretells

Forbidden hardships that befall

Beloved in grace, she seldom speaks with disgrace and distaste

Dearness as she appears

Anear the blear fearsomely shivers and disappears

Defender with a glistening heart

Honorary and compassionate, challenges do not provoke

Proven to be of immeasurable eminence

Extinguisher of those who are immoral beyond apprehension

Arose an interest, her undestroyed endurance did

Discerning, she would let beautiful pearls of wisdom slip from her mouth

Marking the essence of a grand downfall

Distracting the transgression

That are like evil blooms of jealousy

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