Behind the Classroom

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At first glance, the classroom is quiet

and the teacher is talking,

Students are attentive,

just simply learning.


However, go look closer

and you will find,

the words 'attentive' and 'learning'

vanishes from the mind.


Whispers that slander others

turn the rumour mill,

That makes judgment into prejudice

just for their own thrill.


The teacher seems alright and smiling

but what they don't know,

that they were previously upset by a mean student

from the class that went before.


The student at the back

doesn't sit there just for the sake of it,

they sit there so to avoid

the bullies who hit and spit.


Sometimes it's not the student's fault

the class is messed up.

It can be to the teachers who

don't listen and never shut up.


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