Behind The Anger


They complained of her bad attitude, they told her that it annoyed them. But what they didnt know was that behind the anger she hid all of the emotions that she could never tell anyone of. The hurt, the pain, the rage, all mixed into the depression that she wanted to be rid of but at the same time clung to. She wanted to be happy but she was afraid to let go of the pain, the anger, the resentment. Because she knew that if she were to let go of all of it she would be left raw and open. All of her scars there and showing for the world to see. But it wasnt the world she was worried about. It was those closest to her that she was afraid to show. What if they stunned her once they realized how damaged she really was? What if they mocked her? Or worse yet, didnt believe her? Those were the fears that she lived with every day of her life. Those fears were what hid behind the anger that everyone complained of.


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