The beginning of an Ending

You know that he will never love you in the same way you love him, right?

He will never look at you with love in its purest form. He does not lay awake and imagine the color of your eyes on his ceiling. And he does not pick up the phone in attempt to dial your number. He doesn’t imagine your soft fingers running through his greasy hair. He doesn’t worry about your parents and he never will. He doesn’t plan to learn from your personal experiences and he will never want to express his personal experiences.

He will manipulate your heart and memory of him and will use you for his pleasure. He will use your pure body and your wisdom, he will use your time when he is lonely, he will use your essence as a crutch for his lost soul.

He will never love you. He will not respect you. He will never be sorry for what he has done or what you’ve experienced. He will never strive to be like you and he will never be your hero.

His voice will always over power yours. He will always have the last word.
He will never care about your desires, no matter how big or small.

He will always blame you. So remember when you’re broken, remember when you’re shattered all around the room, that he does not love you, and if he did he would be walking through that door to pick up the shards of your heart, bloody fingers and all.

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