The Beginning of the End


United States
38° 51' 42.93" N, 97° 39' 17.3196" W

Today is the day for change,
Eyes up, Signs high,
Voices loud,
Jim Crowe has no hold anymore,
Chains are crumbling,
This is a revolution,
We are more than 3/5 of a man,
We are human,
No freedom 'till we are equal,
Louder, Louder,
Let our cause be known,
Intimidation won't bring us down,
Ain't she a woman?
Is it only our pigment?
We breathe, don't you?
We are living, breathing.
What are you?
Are you different?
No, we are one.
We were born to die for our rights.
Isn't that what you did in 1812?
What are we fightin' for?
The right to be human?
No, the right to be considered a Man or Woman.
Can you handle the beatings?
No, we can.
We are devoted.
Who will break first?
Not us.
Hope will pull us through, always.
The Revolution of 1775 only does so much.
You think we are free?
Do you get a beating for looking at someone?
Do you get arrested for sitting in a seat?
Do you get shot by men swathed in white?
Do you have the right to own a house, vote, or work?
Of course, it's our turn.
Those things you accuse of us are caused by your friends not us.
We haven't committed any crime, yet we are blamed?
It's time for a Civil Rights Revolution.
Join me.
March through the streets with our signs in protest.
Don't fear death, it befalls everyone.
The time for change is now.
I have a dream.
Every man and woman had rightful equality.
Today is the day for change,
Eyes up, Signs high,
Voices Loud.
"Liberty and Justice for All".


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