The beginning

The first time i ever saw you i was lost for words, but not for the reasons you may think. You see i was lost for words because you sat right next to me and barely acknowledged my existence. You talked to the pretty light skin with green eyes all about your sexual exploits. I looked up from my phone to see a nicely shaped dark skinned boy dressed in the latest with a smooth country accent. I didn't give you much thought because at the time i frankly just wasn't into the "brothers" but little did i know you would be my first love and so many other first of mine. The way i planned for things to go would simply go into another direction because of my curiosity. Everything about you was different but i didn't want to get lust confused with love at first sight. So i tried to play a game i simply just couldn't win and by the time i tried to stop the game i was just to involved, i was in love with someone i know didn't love me. I let a voice and a glance of a face lead me to something that was out of my character. That bus ride home was the beginning of a new chapter i wasn't ready for.

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