in this bed


we will be strangers in this bed soon -

we will be unclear how to rub hug and snuggle.  the auto flash turned off

now the only light that shines are the streelights....beaming in dark rooms

empty feelings sit between us in this indecisive bed of strangers.....

should i touch, would she love... can he just lay his hand on my head and put his arm around my neck

ring the alarm!!      i want more than he will give  so  bye bye bye love

hello solitude -  sorry to be rude but i am here unwillingly, unvoluntarily just stuck in place

where i have been uninterested and unattended...  why do you stay? why must you be?

we carry no body language between us, you and me

pass me by send a transmission my way, i rarely send one back

is there uch a notion of lost out of love, i seem to love what we were

stuck in a place  no longer hold familiar

i am in another world -   my space-   where you are gray space

i know who i am you are just man wit no function for the woman i am.

see you next lifetime, where we really wont know each other-- we will be strangers forever

in bed or not.  together.


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