Becoming Myself

Tue, 04/23/2013 - 19:18 -- jopet

How did I come to be this person in my mind,
So many mistakes, more than I can count
These faults inevitably melting into one,
Always adding on the doubt.

And now the road has long been travelled,
No way to reverse and repeat,
I turn my head; I lean to go back,
I’m stuck, unmoving, down to my feet.

This course was not chosen,
It winds cruelly with uncertainty,
Merely onward is my given course
One step forward, with shaken knees.

My mind gets clearer,
My steps much louder,
I am a conqueror, achiever,
Far from a whimpering coward.

Some obstacles, some hurdles,
even unforeseen barriers,
But I strike, I swing, I overcome
The finish line now nears.


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