Because I love you, I can only see the potential and not the truth.

Because I love you, I'll always take sorry as an excuse.

Because I love you, I act as if I don't care about all the things you put me through. 

Because "I love you" washes away the tears. 

"I love you" comforts me when I'm in fear. 

"I love you" warms my heart when you aren't near. 

Because I love you, my actions say so but if I'm not getting that in return it may be time to go. 

Because I love you, I never want to leave you.

Because I love you, I feel lonely when you aren't around. 

Because I love you, you are my all. 

Because I love you, I promise to catch you when you fall; but will you be here to do the same for me?

You know... love is all about reciprocity. What I give unto you, you return to me.

And that is how a healthy relationship is supposed to be.

Because I love you, I will not forget to love me.


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