Because of You

I'm a sucker for your love

Hinding inside of your arms, you appeared to be that special angel above

Before I knew me, you knew me

You turned my bad into good

You made me feel like I was the one to be

I'll give my life because that's true love

Falling this hard, I thought wasn't possible

I find myself thinking, and talking about you more

Everyone listens, because I finally gave up being torn

Being torn by ones that said they loved me

The difference between you and them is that you meant it beyond anything

Everything isn't always perfect between us

But that's what makes us the perfect couple

Not being drowned in what anyone says but actually getting over every hurdle

We realize that being together and loving one another unconditionally is a must

So because of you I am able to stand 

Because of you I ask that we always walk hand in hand



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