Because it's you

I love you,
 Because when you look at me with those big, beautiful eyes,
 It reaches them when you smile.
  I love you, 
Because whenever I babble about my day, 
You listen without judgment. 
I love you, 

Because when we disagree, 

You don't call me crazy, maniac or liar, 
And I am not afraid to say what I think.  
I love you,
Because you are not like him.
  I love you,
Because you never call me "baby girl" as a careless nickname, 
Because you say my name as a silent prayer.  
I love you,  
Because you never shut me out when things get hard. 
Because you don't push when it doesn't go your way, 
Because you understand sometimes it's okay to be on different sides.   
I love you,  
Because you don't call me weak when I fall, 
Pathetic when I cry, 
Whore when I kiss you back, 
Because you are not him.   
I love you,  
Because you never believed the ill-rumors spread about me, 
Because you stood up for when no one else did,  
Because you cared when everyone didn't even spare me a glance.   
I love you,  
Because when I am down you lift me up,  
Because when I am sad you make me laugh,  
Because when I need you, you don't leave me behind.   
I love to love you, 
I love the butterflies in my stomach I feel when you smile at me,  
I love the open and sincere smiles during chem class, 
I love the secretive glances and the blushing cheeks, 
I love it all  
But I love you the most,  
Because it's you. 

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