Because It's You

Wed, 10/11/2017 - 18:04 -- sadovxx

Because you are you

I can't bring my self 

To be mad at you 


Everything my heart desires 

Went in two 

All I was thinking about was me and you 


Because I love you 

I felt my life come inline 

No one could compete for the special title 

Of you being mine 


But I guess that was only one of us going down that route 

You didn't want me 

So I never tried to be by your side 


My heart is an organ 

A part of me that should intact

But when I gave you my heart without a doubt 

That organ started to detach 


I love you 

I miss you 

You said you miss me too 

That was the start of us starting to conversate 


As time went by 

I started to give you another chance 

To have that spot that was yours 


I will always love you, remember that 

As much as you try to pull away you can't forget that 

I will do everything I can to get closer to you 

Simply because I love you




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