Because I love you, I can't stay


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Because I love you,
You should love me
Or at least that’s how I thought it would be
I love you deeply without thought or worry
Not even you can sway me
However hard you push I do not budge
However much you hurt me I will not run.
Because I love you,
You should treat me better
But I know you never will
My love for you is breaking
But yet I still want you.
You treat me like I’m nothing
But that girl who gives her all to you.
That girl you took something from
That girl who WAS in love with you.
I still wish you the best I still wish to see you win
I hope no hurt or pain comes upon you like
The hurt and pain you caused me
I hope the next one you meet will bring you joy
I hope she can do what I could not
I hope you love her too.
I must go,
Because I love you,
I will no longer let you do what it is you do,
No longer will I be nothing
No longer will I cry tears you don’t deserve
No longer will I hurt
Because I love you,
I see you walk past me and look
I stop and think what could we have been if you hadn’t been trying to push me
Trying to make up excuses just so you could get where no man has gone before
It’s funny to think I wanted to marry you one day but that will never happen
I wish I had never met you
You try to claw your way back into my life
Each and every time I leave
But you will not have a home here
No place in my heart
I will always love you but I will never want you back.

Toxins in my lungs like I’m a cigarette smoker
Fumes from the illusions you provided, that I simple mindedly followed,
I provided you with all the tools you needed to use me, I didn’t know any better.
How could I, spouting lies through your mouth and convincing me with you cindy-loo eyes.
Deceiving me,
I should have known better
But the reality is they say do better
But I FOUND better
Like I said I hope you do well
But I’m moving on to bigger and better things
And because I love you I’m letting you go
Forever and always
Regret me

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