"Because I love you, Because I love myself"


Because I love you it was my fault
It was my fault; waking every morning to my own demon
I considered my one love.
Because I love you;
Every bruise, every scar I hid
They were under the Sleeves of my own depression.
Because I love you
Every word and every glance pierced my soul with the constant reminders.
I am a failure to you.
And Because I love you
Each one of my friends disappeared; vanished into a thin cold air so you could take up all my time.
Because I love you
I lied for you.
I lied to my loved ones even when I knew they'd be there forever.
I have broken that trust; that bond…
With deafening silence that you… created in me.
Because I love you I stayed.
Even with all voices ricocheting in my head saying not to
Though you didn't even know what you're doing yourself..
So that's what you say…
But the days grew longer
The pain grew stronger…
And I knew what had to do.

Because I love myself
I left that day with out a trace
I moved a few good states away
I here I definitely will stay.
So your harsh hands and bitter words..
Could never touch me once again
Could never scar me with unthoughtful pain.
And it's Because
I love myself
That I found my way
Through the dark
To live myself..
yet another day.

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