Because I Love You

Because I love you,

I live to make you happy

Knowing I’m the reason why


Because I love you,

I respect your decisions,

Even if you were to say goodbye.


I try to be as selfless as possible

Putting your heart and soul before my own.

And because I love you,

Your heart knows true love

And will never feel alone.


My heart aches to see your tears

Roll down your perfect cheek.

But because I love you

I’d wipe them away

And rock you back to sleep.


Because I love you,

I hang onto your every word

Like an adventurous cliff.

Every step gets closer, yet I’m so far

To fall into the abyss

That is your heart.


I’ll never make you doubt yourself,

Correct me if I do.

I’ll try, oh I’ll try, ‘til the day I die

Because I love you.


This love I have is like a flame

That refuses to be put out.

The sparks are kisses that can’t be tamed

To quench your mournful mouth.


Because I love you,

My future seems clear.

I feel no need to worry.

When it storms, when rain gets near

With you, I feel no hurry.


Hearing all your hopes and dreams,

I pray they all come true.

I’ll be standing by your side ‘til then

All because I love you.


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