Because I Love You

Because I love you,

I'll text you first

at the end of a bad day

when I need your comfort

and your love


Because I love you,

I hope you'll do the same


Because I love you,

You'll be my honey,

My darling, my angel

The light of my life,

the burning sun


And because I love you,

I hope that I'll be yours too


Because I Love You,

I'll text you

"I miss you"

When we're apart

And I'll know that I

Mean It So Much


Because I love you,

I hope that you'll love me

just as much

And I'll do my best to


this treasure

the treasure that is your love


Because I love you,

We'll take off our masks

when we're around each other

because isn't that love?


Because I love you,

I wonder what love is at all

Is it the feeling when you tell me

"Get home safe"

And I want to

Even though I didn't before


Because I love you,

You've given me a reason to live

And so I will live for you and

I'll learn to live for more

Because I love you

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