Today I realized what a fool I am.

I have taken for granted the gift of love.

Not the love that I have selfishly received,

But the love I have at my disposition to give.


I did not see the pain in your eyes,

I did not hear your cry for help. 

For so long, you have restlessly searched

for someone or something that would at last

fill the void in your heart.


Because I love you, I will tell you the truth.

Another person will not keep you happy when you are alone

And when they are no longer with you.

They can help, but that's not the point of being together.


Look on the bright side, look to the light,

You are not with me because you need me,

But because together we become stronger.

If we are stronger, we will last longer.


Because I love you, I will always be your friend.

You can trust in me and I can trust in you.

I'll be here to take care of you, even when it takes all my strength.

But because I love you, I won't let you go,

for you are so special,

You are my love.






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