"Because I Love You"

Because I love you I will care for you,

I'll become your other home.

I'll be your best friend and your listener,

and I'll be your pillow to cry on.


Because I love you, we'll move in together,

We'll both cook and clean our apartment.

We'll play video games and have our charades,

and we'll sleep in eachothers arms.


Because I love you, I'll help you during cramps,

I'll treat you like a queen and rule the pillow fort with you,

Because of course, that's what lovers do.



Because I love you, I'll stay out late

Worrying you to death

Then when you ask me where I was,

I'll tell you "It's none of your business."


Because I love you, I'll come back from work

Taking my anger off on the girl who wore lace.

The fury will rage and soon enough, 

there'll be my handprint on your face.


Because I love you, you'll stay with me

No matter how many scars you receive

Because I love you I'm your safe haven

Though I hurt you the most, you see.


Because I love you, I demand to check your phone

Whenever you laugh at a post.

I'll block all the guys you have on there,

And you can never go out with tight shirts


Because I love you, I'll leave bruises on your arms,

and l'll send you down a spiral of mental scars.

But because I love you I'll make up for it 

by taking you on a trip to Paris, France.


Because I love you, we'll both get drunk

and I'll rape you and you'll never know.

I mean, we were both a bit ditzy,

even though my drunkness was just a show.


No talking to men, No girls night out, 

No daily phone calls to your mum.

Because that's what love is, I control your every move

Like the cunning does to the dumb.


Because I love you, I have every right

To hurt you whenever I please

I deserve everything in the world of course

and I'll see that you do it correctly.


Because I love you, you'll keep the child,

even if your future is in jeapordy.

It wasn't like you were going to work, 

Or leave the house without me.


Because I love you,

You'll only have two choices to choose from:

Rather you'll be allowed to kill it all,

Or you can stick with the course, my love.


What is actual love, you'll ask.

Love is our Cupid's virus.

But sometimes, we fall in love with psychopaths

And we'll beleive it's all planned for.


You don't deserve this my love. 

Please learn this today.

'Cause you may be happy one day,

and the next, well, you'll have to pay.


Because, guess what?

I love you.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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