Because I Love You

Last semester 

I entered another scholarship contest-Because I Love You

A slam against toxic teenage relationships

Writing that poem made me realize that I didn't know what healthy love looks like. 

My parents never had a blooming bond

And my relationships from the start have been abusive or emotionally vancant

My first girlfriend forced me into unwanted kisses and manipulated my emotions-"I'll die if that's what you want" "Just stop trying you can never understand what I've been through"

My second love played games with me untill I was too tired to carry on, and proceeded  to treat my skin like it belonged to her

My first boyfriend wanted to touch me but did't want to stop drinking. He wanted my readily given availability. He left me in turmoil. 

The Because I Love You slam made me realize that I hadn't known real love

But more importantly than that

That poem helped me realized that real love is something I am worth. 


This poem is about: 


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