Because I Love You

Because I love you...

You say that I know you better

than you know yourself,

But somehow you are still a mystery to me.

You’re not wrong but there is a learning curve

when it comes to you,

And I have yet to master it.


I have studied you in depth,

But there is no 101 class in

Falling in love with you.

Throughout my studies I have

Memorized your quirky little details,

Made flashcards of your vernacular,

Made scatterplots of your freckles;

Hell, I even wrote my thesis on your smile.

But no matter how much I try,

I still cannot quantify my feelings for you.


Although I fell in love with the parts of you

that seemed almost perfect,

I have to live with the whole.

There are days when your mood is so low

that you can’t leave our bed…

but because I love you,

I coax you into clean clothes and drive you to work.

There are nights where we fight so violently

that my lungs are ablaze…

But because I love you,

I can understand that you didn’t mean what you said.



I now have my master’s degree in you, yet I still struggle with the basic vocabulary.

ButI have recently realized

that I do not need to fully understand you

In order to love you.

You are my favorite subject,

And you always will be.  

(even though I got a B in your class.)





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