Because I’m Your Daughter

Thu, 04/25/2013 - 16:38 -- thaojen


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Sometime I sit and remember the time we shared
Everything reflect back to me and soon I shed a tear
One by one dropping down my chin

Shortly it form into a river
A river that can’t flow backward
But the currents to push forward

No matter how hard I tried to go on
Just like the freezing water
The coldness will always flow within me

I prayed day and night for your health
But how do I know that he would come so soon
He who stands above us limited your time

Everything wasn’t going as how we planned
You promise that you’ll get better
And that we’ll go explore together

I haven’t walk the glory stage for you to see
Nor did I held the golden paper in my hand
And said “I did it dad!”

Tonight I stand beside you with everyone
The night was dark and I can hear everyone crying
And the feeling of coldness as I hold your hand for the last time

I told myself I got to be strong
But no matter how hard I tried, these feeling deep within me flows out my eyes
And I couldn’t hold back my tears

The moment was short
And I didn’t want to admit I’ve lost you
But then I heard a beep

It was so deep
I knew and didn’t want to see
But I tremble and look

There on the screen
All I see is a straight line
And the sound of a beep

I knew right then that “He” had came
We all cried in a wave
But I also knew that I have to be brave

Brave and carry onward
Brave and walk forward
Because no one is born to walk backward

I’ll walk on that stage
I’ll hold that golden paper
And I’ll travel for you to see
Because I’m your daughter—Jennifer!

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