The Beauty of Writing


It’s hard enough to get my thoughts together,

Especially when I have to speak and have others try to understand me.

While words fly around my mind at a thousand miles per hour

My mouth tries to keep up with my thoughts, but it can’t.

When I speak, I struggle. When I write, I juggle

Each and every one of my thoughts into something that makes sense.

When I speak there are really no pauses for me

To gather everything that I want to say and mean.

I get my point across

But people don’t understand the depth of my thoughts.

It’s like digging in a cave for diamonds and after finding the first one you stop there

Not realizing there are so many more diamonds that have yet to be discovered.

I know that I claim to be one to listen to others but when it comes to myself

I just can’t.

My mind and my mouth don’t coordinate.

When I speak, it’s like trying to say a tongue twister

Trying to make sense of the words being blended together in my mind.

And in those moments when I can’t put my thoughts into speech,

My thoughts magically become synchronized on paper.

Afraid to dig for more, scared to dive deeper, to take the risk of finding something greater,

I discover the hidden treasures that lie beneath the surface of my heart through my writing.

When I write, it’s like time stops

Those words that were once racing at a thousand miles per hour suddenly stop

And like a puzzle,

I am able to piece together my thoughts, my emotions, and my self.

I’m not limited by time, or people’s understanding, or space.

When I write:

Everything, once bottled up inside, is set free,

New knowledge is gained and power is attained,

But most importantly, my mind is restored with peace.

What someone’s scribble is to one person,

To another it is a masterpiece; it is art.

Writing is the art of expression; it can be as candid or as tacit,

But either way it is understood.

This is the beauty of writing.


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