Beauty Defined


Beauty is not a possesion

Beauty is much more than a lesson

It can not be taught

There are no fundametals,basics,duplications

Beauty has many originals, it is spiritual

Beauty is the feeling inside that makes your confidence rise

When you know that you're something no one can describe

You know exactly who God made you to be


Beauty is the attitude

When you're confident, but can never be rude

When being kind is your spiritual food, and you'll never run out.


Beauty is not the price tag

It is not the store brand on the shopping bag

It's not a competition of who's the best in the fashion show

It's about being blessed and letting your talents grow


Beauty is not in a magazine

Where they edit photos and try to make them clean

Asking yourself is this what beauty really means

Changing reality to try to boost your self esteem


Think of it as a canvas

And the original artitst is God

And we paint on many colors

Trying to cover up our flaws


But beauty is imperfections

That no one else contains

So when people look at you strange

Just tell them your name............BEAUTY.



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