Beauty In All Things

Fri, 04/18/2014 - 16:52 -- EAnders


Ten thousands thoughts collide behind these eyes

Cacophonous silence that drives me wild

At all times led in every-which way

But bound by science to live in only one place

Choice is a hefty weight upon by back

With his friend, the laughing Time

If he turned a blind eye I'd change the world

In paints, and sounds, and technologies

If only I could I'd show you what I see

The beauty in all things, in what you wouldn't think

In love and strife and war and famine

In the harmonious silence as I write

What irks me on is to capture that moment

When you melt away in blissful yugen

Well, maybe there's something wrong with me

Something wrong in all the best ways

But if luck would and could permit it

I'd show you things you'd never dream


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