Beautifully Broken


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They say beauty is pain
And she's beautifully broken
She's left hallow and empty
But her thoughts go unspoken

She just wants someone to hold
Who has strength and is real
To mend her broken pieces
Put them together and help her heal

She's been damaged enough
It makes her harder to understand
She thought everyone was kind
Things didn't turn out as she planned

She learned the hard way
There's no one she should trust
They beat her to ground
And left her to suffer in the dust

She picked herself up
And pushed everyone away
That's how she learned to stay safe
And hasn't changed to this day

That night he took a piece of her
She never got it back..
She lost herself when she screamed
Now she always watches her back

If you could only feel
The fear she lives in everyday
Maybe you'd do anything you could
To try to take it all away
She hides her true self
But she's an Angel in disguise
You can see the depth in her soul
If you look past the pain in her eyes

She hopes for a time
Someone will come around
To show her what a real man is
And appreciates what he found
When she pushes him away
She wants him to pull her closer
Someone who never let's her go
And when she's weak he holds her

Because under all her scars and fear
Is a beautiful lost soul
That yearns to be loved and found
So she can finally become whole ❤


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Im literally in tears reading this I'm so sorry.


Don't be sorry! I'm sorry I made you cry

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very courageous for you to express yourself the way you did

come join my group mvp-most valuable poets


Well done, my darling the expression of the injured soul as it heals, you are strong and vital and loving and powerful...xo


Thank you Mommom I love you ❤️

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