Beautiful Nonsense

Do you want to see into my mind?

There is no darkness there

As you may think.

The world around me dimming

Trees shoot up from the ground

All around

Red, and golden leaves, and green

Shining in the distance

Glass city, cobblestone, moat and

There, a girl with short black hair, smiling,

Tiara in hand.

And whirling thoughts spiral past

A tunnel lined with ivy, caves

Stalactites falling from the sky

Warmth in my hands, liquid, kneeling

See the reflection, and leaning in, smiling

The face changes, hair turns golden

Blonde, and dark-skinned, fair-skinned maiden

Do you not understand yet? See

Look there, running, boys and girls

With shining suits and dresses fair

Along, there comes, a giant

Is that a cat? And gone, with wings

Flying across the heavens, birds with wings of leather

Bats, and bodies, rows of cords

glass cases, buttons, and silent faces

A forest, trees reaching up to the clouds

A cave, a mirror, a silvery sheen

And suddenly, dark, and I peer in your eyes

With a small teasing smile

Because who but I can understand

My beautiful nonsense?



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